The Next Move Program first originated in 2010 at a large medical corporation in Richmond, Virginia. An executive at the company had a child with special needs. From his personal experience, he knew that this population has access to very few preparatory programs. 

Prior to the arrival of these interns, the same tasks were previously completed by temporary workers. With temps, the business experienced frequent and expensive high turnover rates and high error rates; all of these issues were eliminated once the interns began work. The company was also surprised by the interns' positive impact on its culture. The interns were motivated and always smiling, which inspired the best work from the employees.

In 2013, Mary Townley and Elizabeth Howley took over the internship program. They opened participation to all of the major school systems in the Greater Richmond Area. They expanded the program to many additional departments, so that interns could be placed individually into departments and have the best opportunity to gain independence. Mary and Elizabeth, as special educators, added a curriculum component. They knew that vocational training would help their students gain employment but education would help them keep employment.  

In order to serve more students, The Next Move Program became a 501 (c)(3) organization in 2015.

Our Mission

The Next Move Program provides work and educational experiences to young adults with disabilities as they transition out of high school into the world of work.

Our Vision

All young adults are prepared for competitive employment.

Our Board

Amy Feaster, Wells Fargo & Parent

Andy Webb, Lawyer

Elizabeth Howley, Next Move Program

Eric Turner, Keiter

Justin Feaster, College Student & Graduate

Mary Townley, Next Move Program

Rohana Meade, Synergy Technical

Our Advisory Council

Allie Ludeman, Richmond Community Hospital

Britt Falabella, Sugar Britches Sweets & Treats

Carly Alford, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Cathy Redford, Synergy Technical

Carol Schall, Virginia Commonwealth University

Christopher Brennan, Advocate & Graduate

Elisabeth Brennan, Parent

Jaime Gambaccini, The YMCA of Greater Richmond

Judy Averill, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kendra Belcher, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Natalie Foster, Junior League of Richmond

Patrick Howley, Halyard Health

Shelby Kingsley, Booz Allen Hamilton

Shelley Lantz, Advocate & True Health Employee

Van Baskins, Hyman Auto Group

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