2019 Programming

There are no current openings for Richmond Area programs for the rest of 2019. Check back soon for the 2020 schedule.

Please note that the sessions marked as being reserved for specific school systems require applicants to apply with the school system’s permission.

If you are interested in the William & Mary Site, please visit their website: https://education.wm.edu/centers/next-move/index.php


For Prospective Interns:

The Selection Process: Submit an Application Today (scroll to bottom of page)

Up to six interns with developmental disabilities between the ages of 18-25 are selected for each session. Sessions range from 6-weeks to 12-weeks. Programming occurs Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-2:30 pm. There is an application and an interview process. While you can submit an application (scroll to bottom of page) at any time, it will only be considered during the posted application window - those details will be shared here and on our social media pages.

Job Training

The job training process is both thoughtful and supported. Our team works with area businesses to develop individual training positions for our students to learn. They spend at least two hours in their departments each day gaining transferable work skills. Our team of special educators also serve as their on-site vocational job coaches; we provide individualized supports, individualized accommodations, and individualized care. And with every success or mastered goal, we know that our students are that much closer to realizing their value, as is the larger community.


While job training helps our graduates find employment, our instruction is what helps them maintain employment. Interns spend over half of their day in a classroom setting on-site at the host business. We provide direct instruction in work-readiness concepts that align with the Virginia Department of Education's standards for transition:

  • Work Readiness Skills: resume writing, developing career portfolios, time management, interviewing skills, etc.

  • Social Skills: eye contact, reading body language, asking follow up conversations, topics to avoid at work, etc.

  • Life Skills: budgeting, money skills, independent living, transportation, etc.

Medicaid Information (only for adults participating in our extended adult programming):

Overview of Services: Job Exploration Experiences with Related Education in Social and Independent Living Skills

Staff will support clients in the following ways:

  • Improving Problem Solving

  • Increasing Self Awareness

  • Increasing Social Awareness

  • Increasing Environmental Awareness

  • Sensory Support

  • Following Directions

  • Accepting Supervision

  • Increasing Stamina

  • Safety Awareness

  • Task Learning

  • Transportation Training

  • Using Community Resources

  • Managing Breaks

  • Increasing Pace and Accuracy

  • Following Schedules

  • Career Exploration

Service Goals

  • Clients will gain transferable job skills that they can put on a resume, making them more competitive for employment.

  • Clients will learn adult social skills in an authentic community setting.

  • Clients will learn adult living skills in an authentic community setting.

  • Clients will be integrated in a community setting and have the opportunity to develop authentic relationships and natural supports.

  • Clients will gain self-advocacy skills.



For Businesses:

Through partnerships, we can provide both the transferable work experiences and the education necessary to empower these young people to reach their potential. Everyone deserves the opportunity to work. We are currently looking for business and organizational partnerships to help us meet this dire need in our community.

Businesses can either host our interns (open their doors to one or more session each year for daily programming) or sponsor internship participation (cover the tuition expenses for one or more intern). Both types of partnerships are needed for each session.

Current Host Companies

First Row, LtoR: Quirk Hotel, Wells Fargo, The Virginia Rep Theater, The Renaissance. Second Row, LtoR: The Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, Ledbury, The University of Richmond, The YMCA of Greater Richmond.

Host Company Benefits

While our students make tremendous gains, the host organization does as well. Host site employees have reported in surveys and interviews that our interns add to the productivity, diversity, and culture of their organizations. The relationships that these employees form with our students are transformative – opening minds and hearts to what individuals with disabilities are capable of in the community. Best of all, there is no cost or risk for organizations to participate.


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