Types of Business Partnerships:

Through partnerships, we can provide both transferable work experiences and education to empower these young people to reach their potential. Everyone deserves the opportunity to work. We are currently looking for business and organizational partnerships to help us meet this dire need in our community.

Businesses can either host our interns (open their doors to a session or more of daily programming) or sponsor internship participation (cover the tuition expenses for one or more intern). Both types of partnerships are needed for each session.

Current Host Companies:

Host Company Benefits

While our students make tremendous gains, the host organization does as well. Host site employees have reported in surveys and interviews that our interns add to the productivity, diversity, and culture of their organizations. The relationships that these employees form with our students are transformative – opening minds and hearts to what individuals with disabilities are capable of in the community. Best of all, there is no cost or risk for organizations to participate.