After I did my Next Move work, I felt like I was employed and ready for work.
— Noah
Next Move provides students with an opportunity to be immersed in a professional work environment as they build their professional image and learn how to apply their skills in an employment scenario. We have seen our students make tremendous gains in confidence, independence, and social skills.
— Holly Peele, Career Academy Director at Northstar Academy

Job Training

Our interns are placed individually into separate departments at the host company. They spend at least two hours in their departments every day learning transferable work skills. Our team of special educators serve as vocational job coaches; we use best educational practices and individualized accommodations to train each student to complete his or her job.

Our interns are able to complete the complex but repetitive routines which are necessary for daily business operations.


Interns spend 50% of their day in a classroom setting onsite at the host business; it is considered to be best practice for individuals with disabilities to learn work skills in an authentic setting. We provide daily direct instruction in work-readiness skills that align with the Virginia Department of Education standards:

  • Work Readiness Skills: resume writing, developing career portfolios, time management, interviewing skills, etc.
  • Social Skills: eye contact, reading body language, asking follow up conversations, topics to avoid at work, etc.
  • Life Skills: budgeting, money skills, independent living, transportation, etc.